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Related post: Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001 22:02:22 -0700 From: Roderick Shafton Subject: RENEGADE MONASTERY (Scat) RENEGADE MONASTERY It was 1840 when I came upon The Monastery young teens fingering of San Marco. Located in a remote very young privat jungle area of Puerto Rico, I came to believe that the Order, if it still knew of the monastery's existence, had not had official contact with them for decades. My own travels had taken over a month to reach the area. Needless to say, young nympets I was astonished to find the rambling facility occupied. Though surprised to see me enter their forecourt, they welcomed me with friendly hospitality and offered food and lodging. Supposing it had been a long time since a stranger had visited, I wasn't as offended as I normally would have been over the physical contact they all initiated. Constantly brush- ing up against me, touching my hands, arms and shoulders... seemed strange for self-professed hermits. Many of the robed brothers seemed quite young. Extraordi- narily, a couple could have been no more than 13. Novices, I presumed. Brother Terrence, who arranged for and led me to a bath, was no pictures youngest sex more than 24. He not only stayed the entire time but insisted on washing my back for me. I could hardly protest. I certainly didn't want to offend candid young video them after all their hospitality. He seemed to dwell on my nakedness more than curiosity tiny young sex dictated, and that made me a bit uncomfortable. I took it in stride, however, imagining how difficult a life of celibacy must be. His gleaming smile made me recall those rumors I'd often heard about such places being hotbeds of unnatural lust. One thing that struck me as peculiar was that the great majority of them were white, English-speaking Americans, particularly the younger ones. There was local color, of course, like Brother Felipe, along with a various collection of other nationalities. There was Brother Lee, an oriental, and Brother Alphonse, a towering black man who spoke English with a distinctly British accent. Given the freedom of the place, I young hot kiddy spent many hours exploring the young girls forum vast ruins. At times sweet young nudie the place was bustling with silent activity. At other times nearly everyone had disap- peared. I presumed they had religious activities to attend to. On my third day I was browsing through the library. When I tried to pull down a rather odd looking volume entitled The Mystic Circle, I could not retract it, only bend the top down a bit. But something else happened. Part of the bookcase swung outward from the wall about two feet. young porn seventeen Looking around behind it I saw the entrance to what seemed like some ancient secret corridor. Not secret to them, I discovered, when I ventured into the candlelit passageway and heard the entrance close behind me. I slowly made my way along the narrow, musty corridor until I came to a turn. The way old young fuck ahead was total blackness but I could see a crack of light in the distance so I continued on. I'd walked no more than ten feet before I was suddenly set upon by groping hands! I gasped in shock and terror...until a gentle whisper came from behind. pics young naturist I knew instantly it was the voice of Brother Terrence as his lips touched my ear. "Relax, friend. All is well. Enjoy our ministrations and you'll soon be on your way." Their ministrations consisted of fondling my ebony girl young privates, baring my chest and maneuvering my trousers down! Suddenly, those hands were caressing me all over. Soon, lips were put into action as they proceeded to lick my body all over. My chest, legs, armpits, my back, my cock and balls, and my bottom! My prick was quickly consumed by an eager mouth. Someone else was avidly sucking on my balls. Then I let out a startled gasp as a wet illegal young video tongue began to trail up and down my bottom crack. Fingers were wrenching my cheeks apart. A rush of cold air blew over my moist anus just before the tongue began to frantically lick it in a most obscene manner! At least four or five men were going at me, but I could make out others nearby in the darkness. The sounds of sucking and slurping told me I was not the only one being so pleasantly molested. A randy fellow since my early youth, I welcomed their attentions and surrrendered myself to their lusty actions. Occasional rustling made it evident that others wanted to touch me. They were constantly coming and going...a different mouth would engulf my cock every few minutes, a new tongue on my balls, and at least a dozen or more faces were thrust up my buttocks to get a taste of my asshole. They were so close I often brushed against them to find tremendous erections tenting their robes. A few had Really young gay slung them over their shoulder, brazenly exposing their complete nakedness in the dark. Within moments most robes had been totally discarded hot young to afford more freedom of movement. One brother to my right, licking my chest and nipples, was being sucked by some- one on their knees before him. Then similarly, the brother on my left was being sucked. Besides what I could feel for myself, the salacious sounds of cocks being grandpa young sex sucked and bottoms being licked made it quite clear that sweet young xxx these brothers did indeed enjoy these forbidden, illicit pleasures. I wondered what the Abbot, Brother Dominic, would say if he knew about the corridor and the carnal pleasures being taken anonymously. I was sure he was unaware of it, and would severely dirty young girl discipline them should he find out about their secret rendezvous and the indecencies they engage in. It mattered not to me. I thrust into the mouth presently sucking me and urged the fellow on. He took my rough strokes without complaint, displaying an expertise from many years of experience. By the time they'd all had a go at me, I was frantic to spend. Instead, they all backed away as my ear was young american furniture again given a suggestion. "Step out of your pants and follow me." I did so, anxious to experience whatever young couples galleries might follow. Brother Terrence young petite skinny led me down the corridor by my cock! His hand was gently wrapped around my shaft as we headed toward the crack of light. "You boys sure are a randy bunch for monks," I chuckled. "Ever get caught?" "Oh, we are the circumspect ones of the order. Guilt and embarrassment force us to perform our unchaste acts in the dark. Even though we are mostly aware of who each other is, we are able to avoid any recognition or discussion of these activities outside, and we refrain from speaking while in here. But, here, you can see how the others behave." He slid a panel to the side, opening a viewing window to a brightly lit, large room with comfortable chairs, tables, and an abundance of large pillows strewn about. More than twenty brothers were inside. I backed away so as to remain unseen. "Hey, you don't want them to see xxx young very you, do you?" I hissed. "Oh, it doesn't matter. This panel is for our viewing pleasure...a simple compensation for our reluctance to fully participate. We admire the brothers for their ability to be open and shameless in their lust, but are unable to get beyond our sense of propriety except in the dark where we take our pleasures furtively. But watch, the session is about to begin." Looking about more closely, I was astonished to see the Abbot amongst them. He, like many others of those young blowjob sitting, had a hand thrust beneath his robe, obviously playing with himself. There was Brother Alphonse beside him. Brother Felipe was standing nearby, his hand fondling the bottom of one of the younger boys, Brother Thomas. Brother Thomas, no more than twelve, was groping the front of Brother Thomas' robe! Then I noticed that others were similarly engaged in mutual fondlings. Though no overt activities were being performed, I could sense the anticipation of sexual lechery in the assemblage. Suddenly, Brother Dominic lifted his robe and exposed his large, stiff member to the crowd. Spreading his naked legs apart, he nodded to one of the youngest boys, a mere child of 13, Brother Lionel. Immediately, the boy rushed forward, dropped to his knees between the old monk's legs, and grasped the rigid cock. He fondled it young teenie twins in obvious excitement for a few moments, then bent over and stuffed it into his mouth! Shamelessly, he began to suck the old monk's prick, using his other hand to fondle the hairy young nudes Abbot's hairy balls. Brother Alphonse stood and pulled his robe up over his head and tossed it aside. Completely naked, with teens young uniform a towering erection sticking from his loins, he sat back down. Brother Joseph, a beautiful fair-haired young man of 17 or 18, approached. Instead of kneeling, he bent at the waist and took the enormous black cock into his fist. He began to lick the organ up and down the sides, also licking the man's large ballsack before taking the fat knob into his mouth and nursing it. Brother Herman, an older man in his forties, apparently needed no explicit recognition to begin. He walked up behind Brother Joseph, reached down and grabbed the hem of his robe, and threw it over the young man's back, exposing his bare bottom. Brother Joseph, apparently used to being desired, spread his legs wider as the older monk knelt down and felt his bottom cheeks and spread them before lewdly thrusting his tongue up the boy's rearend and salaciously licking out his asshole! Brother Gordon, a burly man, also rose and removed his garment. But rather than sitting, he knelt upon his chair, thrusting his large bottom out. Reaching back, he pulled his buttocks open, exposing his hairy crack and the large anus in the center. Before any of those standing around could get to it, Brother Henry, sitting next to him, quickly knelt on the floor and buried his face in the disgusting-looking crevice and began to lick the monk's entire crack in a most obscene manner! With a similar penchant, Brother Leonard lifted his robe along with his legs. Planting his feet upon teen thumbs young the chair, he thrust his bottom outward and lewdly began to push his anus in and out in wanton invitation. A monk quickly stepped forward and crouched before him. Using his fingers to pry the hair- ringed orifice open, he drove his tongue into the man's steaming interior and proceeded to eat it out! Couplings and groups were forming in rapid succession. Brother Felipe had the 15-year-old Thomas over him as they sprawled young girl russian on the floor. He was licking the boy's asshole while Thomas was sucking the monk's brown cock. I was absolutely flabbergasted at the way he, and the youngster between the Abbot's thighs, could suck a prick with such abandon. Then I shook my head in wonder when the Abbot raised his legs to have his anus licked by the sweet child. Brother Lionel proved he could perform as lasciviously as the others. He lapped his tongue up and down the older man's asscrack, licked his mature, wrinkled anus, and stuck his tongue up the man's hole to lick out his rectum! Robes were lifted, removed, or simply slung over the shoulder porn young incest as cocks were being sucked and stroked, balls laved, assholes tpg young teen licked, and even porn young teen lips met in hungry passion. A few of the brothers were doubled over, eager to have a prick shoved up their behind. Instances of buggery were taking place here and there as assholes were offered in open invitation...generally moist from having been licked quite thoroughly. "My god, what have you got going here?" I gasped. "Hidden in a remote outpost, an unholy order of lusty degenerates committing vulgar sordidness with each other and using young, vulnerable children for your orgiastic pleasures? FUCK, MY PRICK'S HARD!" Brother Terrence chuckled. He reached down and replaced my hand with his own, administering only the slightest caresses in order to forestall my impending orgasm. "Withhold your ardor, my friend," he whispered. "There is more to see and I want you to be at your height of excitement for it. Also, I want you overwhelmed young erotic teenage with need. And when you can stand it no longer, I want you to thrust your magnificent prick up my ass and fuck me mercilessly. I want you to ram me with a viciousness you've never known. I want your prick to punish me for all my evil thoughts and desires, for all the cocks I've sucked and the asses I've used my tongue to clean. Punish me for so avidly devouring the warm, creamy sperm of other men. Punish me for wallowing in the disgusting filth I love to lick from other men's shitholes. Then force me to suck your prick clean as a final attonement for my loathsome sins." "I will," I promised. "You're such a disgustingly naughty man of the cloth, Terrence. I should have known that was you to first lick my dirty asshole." "Mmm, yes. It was most delicious, but I was rather selfish to the others. They would have enjoyed your nasty flavor, too." "Oh? Some of the others also debase themselves by licking dirty holes? "My friend, none of the brothers has wiped his anus in years. That youngster young babys porn you saw lapping Brother Dominic's wrinkled old gash was licking off the remnants of his morning shitting. girls young preeteen And the younge girl porn homely-looking brother with his face presently flush with Brother Alphonse's black, sweltering buttocks, is only one of many who favor the taste of his pungently heady African shit! It amuses him to occasionally pay us a visit here in the darkness. His ebony bottom is every bit in demand amongst us as it is in there. I've even...but perhaps later, after you've seen more. The Abbot is getting up. If he, as he usually does for our benefit, lays with his head in our direction, you'll witness his greatest pleasure. Yes, Brother Theodore has removed his robe and approaches." Brother Theodore approached, alright, with a massive prick in his hand! Brother Lionel, never seemingly far from the Abbot, begins to run his little tongue up and down the incred- ible shaft. His robe has been removed, showing that his youth is no detriment to his natural lustiness...a small, hard little prick is standing up proudly from his hairless groin. His lubrication duties well performed, the boy scurries around and plants his feet on either side of Brother Dominic's head. When the old youngest teens naked Abbot raised his legs, he grabs the man's ankles young teeny cunt and helps him to double over with his bottom high and splayed in open invitation to Brother Theodore's majestic weapon. More a matter of homage, I think, Brother Theodore bends over and applies a few licks and sucks on the big man's ass- hole. Then he raises up and crouches just enough to drive his prick into the Abbot's stinking interior. One steady plunge and the man is fully impaled without a hint of discomfort. Hard to imagine that. More swedish naturist young likely the old monk relishes the pain of being stuffed with so formidable an engine. Slowly and deliberately, Brother Theodore girl youngest porn begins young ripe melons to sex young bugger the old rogue's well-used ass with deep, penetrating strokes that soon have Brother Dominic's hole stretched wide from his incredible thickness. Still holding the man's ankles back, Lionel squats down and presses his little asshole onto the Abbot's mouth. It's young junior porn licked and sucked with torrid enthusiasm, pried open, and tongue- stuffed as completely as the man is capable. "So, the Abbot's penchant is getting royally fucked young jap schoolgirl while sucking a little boy's hot shithole," I remarked. "In part," Terrence said with calm nonchalance, suggesting more was in the offing. I hesitated to ask, so I didn't. I scanned the room, observing the various connections of cloistered men in heat. Cocks were being licked in pairs. Some had two pairs of lips sliding along the shaft. Nary an asshole was without a tongue, a finger, or a prick working inside. Mostly, now, it was hard, demanding pricks slamming in and out of upthrust bottoms with a licentious burning hunger to be screwed like a whore! Some sucked pricks while being buggered, others young loita movies preferred their tongue cp pic young up a smelly asshole--showing little concern as to whose asshole is presented to them. A few stood bent over while being fucked, but most of them preferred being on all fours with their rumps in the air. Somewhat more salacious being used that way, I presumed. Only one couple fucked missionary style--two monks in their twenties who were sharing a passionate kiss to augment their coupling. I'd only recently adjusted to the fact that those assholes being licked were all brought to the party in a soiled, unwashed state. By now they'd all been thoroughly licked and were in such pristine condition that I no longer dwelled on that distasteful idea. Surveying what was now a somewhat normal orgy of unbridled carnal release, I soon observed occasional incidents of disgraceful behavior that quickly developed into a mass epidemic of the most shocking, scandalous displays of obscene vileness. They were pausing in their buggery to retract their soiled pricks and put them into someone's mouth! Someone kneeling nearby with obvious anticipation. Not one fucking was without its observer...a brother who wishes that cock pulled out and stuffed into his mouth...a brother who desires to clean a cock fresh from the smoldering depths of another man's rectum...a brother eager to lick and eat the shit of one monk from another monk's filthy, dung-smeared cock! "Yikes!" I gasped. "Look at them! They're eating shit from cocks!" "Yes," Terrence cooed with undisguised envy. "I adore a stiff, juicy cock in my mouth fresh from a hot bottom. When you fuck me, I want you to get your prick as dirty as you can. I said I'd suck it for you, and I intend to. Most of the brothers enjoy a dirty cock to suck, and I've committed such lecheries in here and have enjoyed my brothers' bitterness many times, but I find it most exquisite when it comes from my own ass!" "Hmm, any more surprises?" "Oh, goodness!" He quickly glanced through the panel in a panic. "Fine, young angels porno we didn't miss it. But it won't be long. Keep your eyes fixed on Brother Dominic." I shrugged and did as he suggested. That huge cock was still packing the old fart's keester, though with decidedly more rapid movements. The Abbot's mouth was still glued to Lionel's ass, but whenever he moved back I could clearly see the little pooch was gaping considerably. The old reprobate certainly had a tongue that could loosen up a young hole. Guess he worked young preten xxx it around in....HEY! HOLY FUCK, THE KID'S ASSHOLE IS OPENING UP AND HE'S TAKING A SHIT!! Oh, yes. The Abbot's favorite. Lionel must have winked or somehow signalled him, because Brother Theodore was now slamming his prick mercilessly into the Abbot's hole. That made the Abbot delirious with joy...that and the stinky turd his tongue was avidly licking the juice from! As if from much practice, Lionel managed to expell his roll of shit slowly and seductively to allow the unholy cleric time to inhale every humid fragrance and lap off every trace of sour shitjuice as it came to light. By the man's enthusiasm, he probably considered the smell divine and the taste young baby fuck a zesty mixture of earthy delights! The Abbot soon outdid himself. Not content with publicly executing the most horrendously obscene spectacle of perversion I could ever fathom, he put his mouth young ebony sex over the end of Lionel's hanging turd and began to suck it! Still not content, he sealed his banishment from Heaven's Gate when he began to eat the boy's turd! The little boy on his face, taking a big poop in his superior's mouth, lifted the man's prick and proceed to suck it with eager anticipation of the monk's impeding explosion! Not until the youngster's shit was completely devoured did that occur. But when it did there was no doubt that Lionel's mouth was being forcefully and repeatedly inundated with gushes of warm, tangy sperm from the old fuck's well-maintained, fully-packed balls. Though he had to gulp quickly to contain the eruption, Lionel was no beginner. He guzzled the man's hot jism with only a single young tender trail dripping from his hairless chin. After that outrage, I fully expected Theodore to yank his slimy cock out and stuff it into the boy's mouth. Instead, he backed away and layed on the floor while another monk proceeded to eat out the Abbot's battered and gaping asshole. One more shock was in store for me, however, when Brother Theodore swung his legs up and back over his head, taking his own cockhead into his mouth and sucking the Abbot's slime and shit off! Two monks, handsome young men, joined him--helping the cleanup young kidsporn by running their tongues up and down the still-rigid shaft, over the crinkles of his moist ballsack, and into his bottom. Brother Alphonse lay back on a pile of pillows idly watching while massaging a massive prick until a middle-aged monk approached him. In moments, after some cursory lubrication applied with his tongue, he was sitting young naturists russia astride Brother Alphonse, joyfully riding his capacious asshole up and down the monstrous shaft. Years of buggery obviously conditioned him to such massiveness, as he had no trouble slamming his hungry bottom all the way down to the black man's hairy balls. In a display that convinced me the monks had absolutely no discerning prejudices when their lust was involved, a brother in his thirties and one no more than 19 or 20 young child pussys maneuvered their faces to either side young exhibitionists of the man's buttocks and began to lick Brother Alphonse's cock shaft while it screwed the old rake. They lapped the gritty slime as eagerly as every other debauchery was performed. Though it was impossible for me to determine--given young cocksucker the coal darkness of young russian girl the shaft and my distance from the action--I had little doubt that such a huge cock was dragging an abundance of shit and other dredges every time the pale, still-trim bottom free youngest xxx slid upward to hug that fat knob. If so, it certainly didn't faze the two lickers...who now had the added incentive of tongues being thrust up their own unguarded assholes. Here and there I noticed other monks shitting. Into a hand, onto a chest, in a mature mouth. I gave up expecting any sense of decorum whatsoever when I noticed a handsome young monk squatting lewdly upon a small wooden table, his robe clutched around him. In full view of the assemblage a large thick turd started coming out of his ass. Several of the monks passed by, stopping to get down and take a quick sniff while the young man was young petite girls shitting. Two of them licked it, while one monk ran two fingers up and down the slimy thing and licked them as he walked off. The other snatched the turd with his hand and took it to his mouth to suck. Brother Gordon, a few feet away, was likewise defecating onto the floor. I wondered why no one seemed eager to suck and eat the foul object--considering how other turds were being adored around the room--when all young gothic nudes became clear. When fat-assed Gordon plopped the lengthy thing from his fuzzy rump and spun around with young squirt his expansive bottom raised and available, he bent down and began to lick along the fat snake that he'd just produced. A pale, skinny monk with an impressive organ walked over brandishing his cock. He bent over and took and few quick licks on Gordon dirty hole, then shoved his cock in there. Taking a firm hold of the jelly-butt, he proceeded to shag Brother Gordon with rough impunity. It was just the impetus Brother Gordon needed to complete his ritual. What the Abbot had done with Lionel seemed merely innocent fun compared to the blatantly obscene visage of Gordon eating his entire thick and meaty turd from the floor! "A fine example of holiness and chastity, I must say." The sarcasm in my voice was unmistakable, but Terrence only laughed. "What I didn't mention earlier was that Brother Alphonse once took a shit in my mouth and allowed me to suck on his turd. It was a very thrilling experience." "If you can do something as filthy as that, why aren't you in there with the others? Surely there's little consequence for you to be open about it. You'd fit right in." "That's so true. But, you see, with me it's not so much a matter of humiliation and embarrassment. I simply don't trust my impulses with so much freedom. I fear I'd be even more of a spectacle than Brother Gordon or the Abbot. As it is, this has me all fired up to the point I've an overwhelming desire to suck one of your turds right here on the spot!" "Well, forget that for now. I gotta fuck before I blow my wad in the air. Bend over so I can plug you." After giving my prick a few lubricating licks, Brother Terrence assumed the position at once, giving me the added pleasure of lifting his robe and exposing his bottom. Once I'd flung the material onto his back, he quickly pulled it the rest of the sarah young mpeg way off, leaving him naked. There was just enough light filtering in that I could plainly see his twitching fresh young teen asshole and the fine ring of hair surrounding it. Maybe it was all the uninhibited debauchery I'd witnessed, or perhaps because I rather envied their unbridled comaraderie, but something possessed me to bend down and give his asshole a taste. I licked it all over. I discovered he'd not been licked recently, as I could discern the unmistakable flavor of leftover shit on his asshole. To be honest, I knew what to expect the moment I got close and smelled it. Yet I stuck out my tongue and began licking his dirty hole. It stunk and it tasted bitter, but there was something so incredibly erotic about performing the vulgar act that I spent more time at it than I'd planned. Brother Terrence had a nicely trim, pale bottom. I lapped his entire crack, licking his sweat and tasting his shit. I even found the cheesi-ness of his trench suffi- ciently enticing enough to pry his cheeks apart and dip my tongue nn young tgp into the young schoolgirl masturbation opening. Brother Terrence moaned and his asshole fully relaxed to beckon me further. What the young ls cuties hell, I'd gone that far. Okay, so I was enjoying it. So much so that I decided to crouch down and give him a bang-up job. It was a good idea, I decided, because it was taking my mind off my prick, young teeniesex mpeg allowing it to calm down. It was still harder than a rock, of course, but at least it wasn't throbbing so young nubile fuck precariously. That didn't remain true for long, however, because once I pushed my tongue back into his steaming hole I got charged up over the new and overwhelming sensations of deliciousness! Delicious in cartoon adult young the sense of forbid- den lusts, that is, although I have to admit finding the mushy pocket of shit just beyond his ring was definitely the catalyst that caused me to drill him as deeply as possible and rotate my tongue around in an attempt to lick the walls of his filthy rectum! Finally withdrawing my shit-coated tongue, I had a momentary rush of embarrassment that made me want to wipe younger nude photos it on something. That was fleeting. So fleeting I felt guilty when I drew my tongue back into my mouth and savored the tang of his slag. "Oh, that was a wonderful surprise!" he gushed. "Now fuck me. Screw my worthless ass into a pulp!" "I just ate some of your pulp!" I scowled, plunging my cock into his depths. It wasn't a long fuck, but it was a good one. I gave him the drilling he wanted--blasting a torrent of balljuice up his silky, clenching fuckhole. It was a magnificent fuck, one I'd never imagined could be had up the rearend of another man. It would not be my only excursion into buggery, that was a certainty. Though I'd made no particular efforts to coat my prick, when I young nudist russian pulled the slimy thing out he was as pleased as could be. Coated with lots of cum and enough streaks of shit young up skirt to satisfy him, he engulfed my cock and proceeded to lick the grunge from my knob and around the rim of the head. I supposed there was a goodly amount hiding there from the salacious moans he emitted. Then he licked my shaft clean and tongued my sweaty balls. I stood there in exhausted afterglow, allowing him to lick and clean me wherever he wanted. My gaze turned toward the panel. I felt a wave of amusement seeing the young Lionel being cocksucked by Brother Alphonse. As the boy shivered in ecstasy, he flooded the monk's mouth. He stayed in position after spending, then the youngster proceeded to piss down the black monk's throat. Not one to miss any opportunity at lewdness, the big man greedily gulped down the boy's sizzling offering. That brought about a round of pissing--monk's urinating into each other's mouths just for the pleasure of doing it. When Terrence again took my prick into his mouth, I held his head tightly and began to piss down his throat! He gurgled and gagged a little, but managed to take it with only a few streams running down his chin. Gasping for breath, finally, young teen couple he said it had been a marvelous surprise...something he'd never done before. Then he began fisting his rigid cock and reminded me of his desire to suck one of my turds. "It would be a pleasure to suck on your shit while I spend." I was sated and only moderately interested, but felt I owed him his odd pleasure for young stripper the fine fuck he'd given me. As I stared at his cock I got an impulse at how to make the nasty business a bit more thrilling for us both. "Listen," I said, "I'm only gonna pop my first turd into your mouth--just one big turdball you can suck on. That way we won't make a mess we'll have to clean up. And, since this is the right time and I may never do it again, I'm going to suck your prick while I shit." "Oh, that'd be marvelous!" "Yeah, well give me some time to get used to it before you blow the back of my head off, okay? If I'm gonna take your balljuice down my throat I need some practice at having a stiff cock in my mouth." He assured me I could suck it as much and porno young kids as long as I wanted, for youngest legal nudes he fully intended to withhold spending until he'd swallowed a plentiful amount of my shitjuice. I squatted over him young japanese pic and gingerly sat on his mouth. He languidly began to eat my hole out, burying his tongue as far as he could reach. I could feel it wiggling around in there. No doubt he was hoping to find something slick and rocky to lap his licker over. I bore down in an attempt to push something he'd like against his tongue and give him a preview. I couldn't tell if it worked because his tonguing couldn't have been any more insistent than it already was. I reached for his prick and felt it. I'd never held another man's cock before that, though youngest virgin I'd long ago admitted a secret fascination to myself. This was certainly the moment to young girl blogs avail myself of the opportunity. It felt good. I leaned over and smelled it. Not that I was worried about where it might have been--I'd always wondered how, or even if, a cock had a particular smell. His did, but it was only the bare aroma of the male privates I'd already gotten young incest sluts from my own fingers. That was good enough. I'd always enjoyed the smell on my hand after handling my prick raping young girls and especially my balls. My balls. His balls. I bent down and buried my face between his legs, nuzzling his humid sack. Now this was more like it! Yes, quite intoxicating smelling another man's balls! I began to lick them. Why not, I'd licked out his dirty shithole and I was going to cocksuck him. I lapped his hairy nuts, determined to get my fill of this unnatural intimacy in case my conscience later holds me back. I doubted that, however. I was too entranced with the smell and taste of his genitals to not grasp any future opportunity with eagerness. When I'd laved them clean and sparkling, I began to run my tongue up his cockshaft. The instant my tongue touched his cock I was filled with an overwhelming impatience to very young pornsites take his entire prick into my mouth and suck it until my lips fell off! Oh, what joy there is in another man's meat! How did I avoid such absolute euphoria all this time? I licked him up and down, up and down, relishing the naked young incest sensation of feeling his cock twitch from my touch, sensing the heated rush of pumping blood against my tongue. I could tease myself no longer. I raised up and looked down at the long pole in my the big rounded head so pink and the hole in the center that would send gushes of creamy juice into my mouth, over my teeth and tongue, and down my throat. I had no hesitation about eating his spend, I'd often eaten my own and found its tang uniquely delicious. Yes, perhaps any man's cock would be worth sucking. One man's balls must be pretty much the same as another's. Then again...I was beginning to think like this bunch--no discrimination--put your tongue up to any dirty shithole and lick it clean! And if you'll youngest nudist gallery do that, why not young looking girls have a man shit in your mouth so you can suck on his turd? What matter that it comes from a grossly inflated bottom like Brother Gordon's, a sweltering black one like Brother Alphonse, or the tender sweetness of one of the younger boys? No, not to my way of thinking. I was suddenly shocked as I pictured myself on my knees before one of the brothers--the strikingly handsome boy of 17--his beautifully chiseled ass preparing to drop a steaming turd into my open mouth! EGAD! This brazen idiocy was restructuring my entire sexual attitudes. I had to finish this business and be gone before I found young met art myself irreparably addicted to the vilest of perversions! But first, I young teens lovely had a fascinating cock to suck. I went down on Brother Terrence and enveloped his masculinity to a comfortable length. I had to dismiss my first impression. It was much too fanciful. Ah, but it was true. Nothing ever, of any kind, had felt so perfect in my mouth. And the gentle sucking I began only reinforced my opinion that no finer thing could I experience than sucking another man's stiff prick! I instantly gained an insight at how some men in the streets or in a public house are driven naked verry young to so brazenly accost strangers and made lewd suggestions. I'd been approached on a few occasions and demurred, displaying a respectable amount of disgust while containing my outraged anger like a gentleman. I was witness to one such young man in a public house. He was pleasantly good-looking, but his behavior totally confounded me. In the comfort room he knelt, beckoning strangers with a willingness to young twinks pics oblige all comers. The men heaped scorn upon him, spat insults and curses, making it beyond comprehension when they nevertheless stepped up to the young man and pulled their pricks out! They'd refuse his request to pull their balls out, too, so he could smell them. Instead, he might get that prick slapped across his face a few times for even daring to voice such a vulgar thing as finding pleasure by smelling a man's dirty stinking balls! Even while grunting and making every effort to choke the young man by roughly driving their cock down his throat, they continued their barage of humiliating comments. They'd shake and shiver, flooding his mouth with the object of his desire, then without a simple thank you for the pleasure he'd bestowed upon them, they'd growl one final cocksucker! or profess true justice would be that they should piss down the young man's throat...before backing away so the next man can take his place. All the while, the young man endured their insults with meek servility. It was the price he was willing to pay for the pleasure of sucking their cocks and drinking their balljuice. Even the eruption from the foulest of his antagonists brought a rapturous moan from his guts as he swallowed the heavenly cockbatter that was his lifeblood and the pinacle of his sexual fulfillment. I did not partake of his services. I found him sad and lost porn petite young to be so desperate for committing obscene acts that he allows himself to be subjected to such derision...kneeling in a room where other men shit, sperm dripping from his chin as he beckons the next man to use his mouth as a cunt. Had I only known, I would have gotten down on the floor and opened his pants. I would have reveled in the chance to suck his sturdy young prick while he feasted on ignorant strangers. As I worked my lips and tongue over Brother Terrence's delicious prick, I wondered if some men found a special excitement sucking men who disparage their desires while taking full advantage of them. Surely a more delightful entanglement is sucking a man who is sucking you. Perhaps the young man derived a triumph of sorts. After all, when the humiliation subsided he remained the victor. sweet young girl His tummy was full of ball cream and the lingering taste of sperm would remain in his mouth for a while. That probing tongue up my shithole was loosening me up. I was prepared to young guy shit and I was prepared to suck. But when I heard rustling nearby I hissed that we might have company. We couldn't see them in the blackness, but the vision of cocks being handled and fingers stuffed up assholes was quite vivid, nonetheless. When Terrence replied that it mattered not, I felt an extra charge of lewdness knowing we were being observed. I slobbered over his cock and readjusted my bottom. I wanted it positioned just right so my turd would have a direct line into his mouth. I knew I should be circumspect, but the realization of what he was going to do and the magnificent piece of flesh in my mouth brought out my nastiest impulses. "AH, SUCK THAT HOLE, TERRENCE! SUCK OUT MY SHITHOLE AND GET READY TO HAVE A NICE JUICY TURDBALL SHITTED INTO YOUR MOUTH! WHEN YOU'VE SUCKED ALL young strippers THE FILTHY JUICE OUT OF IT, GIVE ME YOUR LOAD. I'M READY. I LOVE YOUR PRICK AND I WANT YOU TO young feet EMPTY YOUR HOT SMELLY BALLS COMPLETELY. I WANT EVERY DROP FLOODING MY MOUTH AND COATING MY TEETH! I'VE NEVER SUCKED A PRICK BEFORE. WILL YOUR BALLJUICE TASTE BETTER THAN YOUR SMELLY ASSHOLE DID WHEN I LICKED THE CREAMY SHIT OUT OF IT?" Gasps were unhindered at my outburst, and I could tell they were moving closer to catch a glimpse of our wanton behavior. The monk's tongue was flapping to beat the band. I'd inspired him, too, by my salacious talk, and his cock was throbbing dangerously. "Open your mouth, your holiness, I'm gonna shit a devilish turd into your mouth!" Plunging his cock as far down my throat as I could, wanting to experience it at least once, I then let up and continued nursing his knob gently. Then I shitted. As if my rectum knew exactly what I wanted, a nice hefty turdball stretched my anus then popped into the monk's mouth like a bullet. I could heard his gut-wrenching moans of delight and clearly heard the salacious sounds of shit being sucked. My shit. The man young nudist forbidden was sucking shit that had just come from my ass and he was uncon- trollably happy about it. I kept my mouth working steadily and maintained a firm grip on his shaft. I had no intentions of allowing that throbbing meat to flail about unfettered and rob me of a single drop of his quenching sperm. One final groan of pleasure came from behind me, then his prick stiffened ever harder and began to jerk. Gushes of hot juice shot young girl pictur against the back of my throat with tremendous force. Most of it immediately went down my throat, but in young japan porno a flash another came squirting between my lips. Then another, and another, and five more! Either my shit tasted absolutely exquisite, or Brother Terrence was uncommonly virile. I'd asked for every ounce contained in his ballsack, and I think he delivered it. It was a marvelous concoction. Familiar, yet far and above the flavor of my own because it was coming from another man's cock. I drank it down then carefully licked his sensitive cock of all remnants. Another insight. Only a man knows just how sensitive a cockhead is after it's spent. Before I climbed off, I heard a lewd suggestion being whispered behind me. "Brother Terrence, would you mind if I sucked on that for a moment?" "Not at all, Brother," Terrence said with understanding as he pushed the brown ball from his lips into the other monk's mouth. As we retreated down the corridor they were all huddled together in the darkness passing my turdball around, each taking my shit into their mouth and giving it a good suck! "Damn, if it's that good maybe I oughta visit the orgy and give 'em all a treat!" "You know, if you went with me, I just might have the nerve to take that freedom." "Yeah? Well, there's always the chance that you'll indulge in years of debauchery only to discover you've never encoun- tered shit as delicioius as mine!" He chuckled. "I would not be the least surprised at that outcome." "Heh. Tell you one thing. young sex pussy I might suck a lot of cocks after this, but I'm pretty sure I'll never have a mouthful of balljuice that tasted as marvelous as yours did." "Thank you. It was the most all-encompassing orgasm of my life. It felt as if I would never stop shooting." "You discern that right. It was a plentiful load, indeed. Guess the secret to thundering eruptions is having a big mouthful of hot, fresh shit!" "I...I have some reservations, however. You see, it was all I could do to young cunny porn refrain from eating it right down. I hope I don't encounter turds as incomparable as yours. I'd hate to get to the point young little ******** where I begin fighting Brother Gordon over who's going to eat his turds!" I never wrote about the monastery upon my return, electing to honor their privacy. But I did visit a few times over the next several years. The war between the states interrupted my visits, and when I did finally return I found it deserted.Comments appreciated...please mention story name. you enjoy my stories, please consider donating to Nifty to keep the site operating.)
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